Saturday, August 21, 2010

August Swim

Yep!! Done it again! Because I was away on holiday (more about this in a later blog) my friend and I couldn't do our August winter swim until the last half of the month. The weather was bad, we were getting a bit worried that what with the cold and low tide, and friends at the gym badgering us about had we done it yet .... So on Saturday, with a temperature high for that day of 13c, and a nice high tide at Hataitai Beach, we took the plunge. My goodness, it was cold! We went to about quarter way across the bay but then I worried that I might get caught out with hypothermia and not be able to make it back. So we returned triumphant. At least we never do quick plunges in and out like most of the so-called swimmers do for the mid-winter swim. We actually swim! We did it!-we did it!-we did it! It should be plain sailing (make that 'clear swimming') from now on in. The water should be warmer in September, surely? We are determined to say that we've swam (swum?) every month in a full year. We are the champions-we are the champions-lah-de-de-dah....

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