Friday, April 21, 2017

seeing things that aren't there?

Hi there

I was driving out of the city last week and I read a roadside sign -  "Emergency Shopping Area".


Oh, wait!  It doesn't say "Emergency Shopping Area".  It's "Emergency Stopping Area".  Blame my stupid eyesight -

But, hey, wouldn't it be great to have a real emergency shopping area in a lay-by off the motorway?  I could be on my way to, say, a job interview and I suddenly wish I wasn't wearing my grey trousers (the ones with the huge pink polka dots on them).

But I'm approaching the "Emergency Shopping" sign.  With a squeal of brakes, I turn in to buy some lovely black trousers.  Phew, saved.....   

Friday, April 14, 2017

Forgetting words as you get older

Hi there

Sigh, with age comes forgetfulness.  My friends and I "lose" words.  In mid-conversation, words suddenly  disappear from our heads. However, about 2 am, maybe a good half-a-dozen hours after such a conversation,  I will wake up with a start and triumphantly shout "Crumpet"!   It's so good to know the word has not gone forever.

I have just watched veteran actor Ian McKellen talking to tv chat-show host, Graham Norton.  McKellen hesitated twice while he searched for words and I thought of a phone-call I'd had this morning with my swimming friend, J.  I was trying to get her to identify an object with a name to it that, all at once, I couldn't remember -

"It's big.  It moves around a warehouse.  A guy sits on it," I said.

She didn't have a clue.

"It carries cartons.  It's got prongs."

"Prongs?  Prongs..."  my friend ruminated for a time.  Then she screamed, "A FORKLIFT!"

"Oh, yes!"

What are friends for if not to help you out in a word-forgetting crisis?  I swear I will repay her.  Just wait until she has such a memory block - I will be there in a trice with my Pocket Oxford, if not my memory...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hataitai Beach ... thing?

Hi there

I went for a swim today.  The sea is getting colder.  There was a big storm last weekend and seaweed, twigs and branches have been coming in with the tide.  A few days ago the sea was a terrible chocolate colour.

There was this weird thing in the shallow water.  Was it a starfish?  Seaweed?  A rock with a starfish and seaweed on it? 

There were yellow baubles on the top of the thing.  Were these ... sting-ray eggs? 

I gave up wondering  ...

PS, one day later ....  when I went swimming today there were hundreds and hundreds of lovely little starfish in the water.  It was hard trying not to step on them.  It looked like the night sky upside down.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Hi there

In my last blog i was writing about lamp-posts. But what about signposts?  A few years ago I was walking along the footpath at the back of Wellington Airport, at the Cook Strait end, next to the sea ...

The gale force winds were howling right at me.  I pushed into the wind, head down, eyes to the pavement, inwardly cursing the fact that I lived in Windy Wellington. Thank goodness I was wearing a cap to protect my eyes from the grit and sand swirling everywher-


I had crashed into a signpost.

Rubbing my sore head, and furious with myself for being such a klutz, I read the sign:

               Watch For Low-Flying Aircraft

It should have read 'Watch for Low-Lying Signs'...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

lamp posts!

Hi there

As my four readers know by now, I go power-walking in Miramar a lot, usually up Park Road, past Park Road Post Production, and also past Weta Workshop.  A lot of times I end up over the hill at Worser Bay or Scorching Bay.

For quite some time now, I have been annoyed by a lamp post slap-bang-dead in the middle of the footpath in Park Road.  It has a "Temporary Pole" notice on it. 

When I'm walking, I often have my head down, contemplating the ground, making sure that my feet aren't in the way of tree roots, or ruptures in the pavement, or cats that I have to pat, or puppies that I am required to coo over...

The first time I encountered this lamp post, I banged into it.  Now, I'm ultra-wary.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wink-wink-nudge-nudge - at the beach!

Hi there

Today, I decided to go shopping instead of going to Hataitai beach.  But, oh dear, I missed an ... interesting happening.

A well-dressed man and a woman - both aged about forty - got out of a car.  She trotted into the Ladies' changing shed, the man went into the Men's.  But a minute or so later the gentleman skedaddled into the Ladies'.

What?  The gang on the deck, sitting, and watching, were puzzled ...

 The Young One, never known to not put her best foot forward, casually sauntered into the changing shed.  She reported back to her breathlessly waiting gang, agog in anticipation, that the couple in question were in the lone toilet cubicle.

 Maybe the woman needed help with her trouser zip?   Perhaps there was no toilet paper in the Mens'?

In the 1960's there was that saying, "Save water, shower with a friend";  very ecological, and all that.  "Save water, flush with a friend" could well be an updated version that had yet to come to the attention of the Hataitai Beach regulars? -

This pair certainly were flushed when they emerged from the Ladies' changing shed about fifteen minutes later to the raucous cheers, waves, and winks from the gang on the deck.

I rather think it had been a tryst ...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Second childhood?

Hi there

My swimming friend J, her personal paparazzo, and myself went for a little walk over the Wellington City to Sea Walkway.

We passed a children's playground.  The swings looked inviting -

"Wheeeee!"   J and I were on the swings in a heartbeat.

Then we spied the see-saw.  And yes, the see-saw was strong enough to hold both of us!

It was a good thing that J's personal paparazzo had  forgotten his camera; I would have been so open to blackmail over any would-be pictures.  Let's hope there were no security cameras either.  Retirees should not be frolicking in a children's playground.

But we would so like a playground of our own.  Look into it, Wellington City Council.  Please!