Friday, September 15, 2017

Hataitai Beach Swimming

Hi there

In between the flu, and the gluggy eyes, and the laser treatment, I have managed to get in three swims this month.  A triumph for me, but still only halfway towards the number of swims that my two swimming friends, The Young One and J, have notched up.

The early afternoon sun now shines on the changing shed at the beach.   Directly after a swim, if I lean back against the palings of the shed and stretch my arms out wide to either side of me, pressing down hard against the wall, there is a summertime warmth all across my wet skin; it's heaven!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Hi there

No, the title of this writing isn't in Klingon.  It's the piece of equipment that was used on my eyes at the Wellington Hospital Eye Clinic to release the pressure from behind my eyes.

The laser makes tiny holes in the iris.  And a laser?  Goodness, talk about "Buck Rogers in the 21st Century", eh? Today's inventions rival many of those old sf shows.  And again ... a  laser?  Wow!

I admit I was scared.  I mean, lasers can cut through steel, and walls, and concrete.  The operator only had to sneeze and I'd be a goner.

"I've got an eye infection," I had admitted earlier to the doctor operating the laser.  My eyes were red inside, and outside.  The lids were an eyelash away from glueing together.

But after due discussion with a nurse or two (who seemed to be totally against me being lasered), the doctor made the decision to go ahead.  I had to sign a consent form that would absolve him, the nurses,  the hospital, the laser, Uncle Tom Cobley and all, from any responsibility.

And now I have to wait until the 29th of  September to see if the laser work was successful -

"If not," the doctor informed me, "surgery is the next step."

Such a joy germ...

Friday, September 8, 2017

Glaucoma, yuck!

Hi there

Not only do I still have gluggy eyes from my "American Flu", I also have an out-patients hospital appointment on Monday to have the pressure released from my eyes, via some sort of laser technique.

Scared, much?  You betcha.  I had to give up wearing contacts because I couldn't stand seeing my finger coming towards my eyes when I put the lenses in.  When I told the eye doctor this, he said "Well, you're certainly in the wrong place today," and clutching a small bottle of eye drops proceeded to inch that bottle towards my eyes.   I squirmed in my seat like a five year old.

My one hope is that the glaucoma doctors at the hospital will see that my eyes are still "American Flu" gluggy, and will send me home.  Oh, I am such a coward...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Me and Star Trek

Hi there

Yes, okay, all right, I quite like Star Trek, in all its incarnations.  But I also like Star Wars (so sue me!).

In the States last month when I was visiting show biz places, studios, and exhibits,  I chanced upon a lot to do with the new Star Trek: Discovery.  This tv show is starting in the States at the end of this month.  It is set within ten years of classic Star Trek.  It's concentrated more on Klingon people and the Klingon worlds.

Practically the whole series is done with a blue screen (or is that green screen?  I can never remember which colour is used for which thing,  Oops, you can tell I'm not a real Trekker, huh?).  All the weapons, communicators and what-not were done on a 3D computer.

above: Klington stars Mary Chieffo and Kenneth Mitchell (taken from  photo so not very clear).  They had a Klingon language tutor, but only learnt phrases

above:  ST uniform.  Note the zip pocket in the leg.  They must have copied me.  Whenever I travel, I make sure that I have a sideways zip pocket lower down my trouser leg too!

 above:  space outfitt

above: Harry Mudd, a favourite from classic Star Trek, is back

Saturday, September 2, 2017

One not-so-wise monkey

Hi there

For sixteen days I've been sick -

Five days with laryngitis.
Gluey eyes for five days.
Deaf In one ear for twelve days.

Talk about the three wise monkeys all rolled into one.

But there should be a fourth not-so-wise monkey, sitting there all droopy and depressed.  Me.

I'm still coughing, still having trouble seeing, and still feeling completely under the weather.

Still, I went out of the house today for a half-hour walk.  I was as weak as a kitten.  Hey, but ... baby steps?  Better than nothing, eh?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

TV Ads

Hi there

When I was in America I noticed there was a real difference between American tv ads and NZ tv ads.

In the American ads there's no wind-swept hair, no floor mess, no peeling paint, no cluttered kitchens, no mis-matched clothing.  No naughty humour.

The actors look and act as if they're all in Coca Cola advertisements - so perfect.

Here's a couple of kiwi ads -

I don't think the above ad would make it in America?

What is it about kiddies in advertisements that makes it so difficult to understand them?  And coupled with a kiwi accent, would overseas viewers know what the heck the kids in the above ad are talking about?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

My American Flu

Hi there

On my seventh day back from America I dragged myself out of bed to visit the doctor.  Struggling with a runny nose, five days of total laryngitis, innumerable aches and pains, gummy-closed eyes, losing 6kg in four and a half days, and a hacking killer cough ...

"It's going around", said the doctor.

Wait-  what-?  Going around?  I drew myself up tall to my full five feet height, and looked snootily across the desk to the man.

This - my illness - was most definitely not 'going around'.  "It's American flu," I haughtily declared.   "I caught it in America."

'My' flu was so obviously an advanced strain, a strain not included in the NZ 2017 winter flu vaccination programme, of which I had fully partaken of prior to my American visit.
Obviously I truly did have this advanced strain of flu.  I was most probably in the first wave of carriers, if not, in fact, numero uno.   Respect please where respect was due.

After googling symptoms on his computer, the doctor sent me away less $45, with no prescription to make me feel I was, at least, getting my money's worth, but with plastic reassurances that I wasn't in the last throes of some terrible life-threatening illness.  However he did have a lovely bedside-whoops-I-mean-deskside manner.

I'm now in the 10th day of American Flu, my eyelids only clump together now if I close them for over half an hour, and my barking cough is still scaring off every cat in the neighbourhood.  Looking on the bright side, my laryngitis bout is over and I can now talk to my friends about my trip - I know they were so looking forward to hearing me nattering on about that for hours!