Sunday, February 18, 2018

Naughty Dog

Hi there
I was standing at a bus stop in Queenstown,  A young guy came along with a dog.  He leashed the dog to a tear-drop advertising flag outside the Salvation Army charity clothing shop.   The dog whimpered at this outrage.

The guy went into the shop.  The dog tried to follow his master inside.  And do you know what?  The dog succeeded!  Pulling the flag behind him.

Everyone at the bus stop held their breath as the top of the flag got wedged under the ridge at the top of the doorway.

But no - with a loud grating sound - the dog, his leash, the flag, the base of the flag all disappeared inside the shop!


Just in case my readers don't know what a tear-drop flag is ...  here's a pic of one that's in Miramar, opposite our Roxy Theatre.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

more Queenstown holiday

Hi there

Here are more views of my Queenstown holiday.

Below:  the wharf area in Queenstown.  Taken through the window at Prime restaurant -

Below:  daytime view from my Queenstown balcony. 

Below:  one of many great views from Mou Waho Island in the middle of Lake Wanaka:

Wanaka is about an hour and a half drive from Queenstown.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Queenstown, New Zealand

Hi there

I've just come back from a week in Queenstown, the so-called Adventure Capital of New Zealand (or is that The World?)

I came back home absolutely exhausted.  I climbed so many hills and trekked along so many tracks.  I'm too old for all that hill-climbing.

I've just tried to put a video on this blog, straight from my phone, but couldn't do it.  Darn...

I went across to Lake Wanaka for a day -

below: evening view from my rented holiday home, Queenstown:

below:  it's a lake on an island on a lake on an island!
The lake is on the island of Mou Waho in Lake Wanaka, in the South Island

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hi there

I wish I'd paid more attention to that bundle of papers that were posted to me out of the blue from that cousin I didn't know I had, the papers that told me all about my genealogy heritage.  This unknown cousin had done all the necessary searching into the family tree, and there was nothing left for me to do.  My friends were spending hours researching their backgrounds with to and fro letters to all around the world and here I was with the information dropped into my lap.

 The papers have since left my lap and are somewhere around the house.  I must hunt them out.  But what I can remember is that we were the first pioneers robbed by bush-rangers somewhere down the South Island.  We had the first pioneer  baby born in Southland (or somewhere with a 'south' in it).  And the pub that an ancestor owned was reputed to hold his hoard of gold coins somewhere in the walls.  When the place was knocked down, hundreds of people swarmed around the place looking for the riches.

I havent had the fun of doing the research for myself but, hey-ho, I can sit happily back, mentally thanking my unknown cousin who is not so unknown to me nowadays; he still sends me the odd snippet of information that he digs up.  Thanks, cuz.

Friday, February 2, 2018

How good is a proper shower?

Hi there
Yesterday, the eye doctor gave me the go-ahead to shower properly, and swim, and most of the other things that cataract surgery has prevented me from doing.  He's still a bit wary about me tripping over tree roots when I'm out hiking, but I can live with being barred from that. Maybe.

It's just sad that during the time Wellington's temperature was in the high twenties I wasn't allowed to swim and today when I can swim the temp is 16c/18c.  And there's lots of those tiddly little jellyfish.  And ultra-low tide.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Too hot

Hi there

The worst heat in NZ history and I can't swim because of my cataract surgery.  Talk about torture.  I can sit in the back garden, sometimes in the sun, but more often than not, fitting snugly under the branches of my beautiful fig tree -

Friday, January 26, 2018

cataract surgery - my aftermath

Hi there

Well, it's been over a week since my surgery... and I hate it! There's no pain or anything like that, it's just the inconvenience of it all,   Eight eye drops a day, spaced out at different times is truly annoying.

And I can't swim because contrary to what we all think about sea-swimming, the sea is absolutely bacteria-ridden.

And this is about the hottest summer New Zealand has had in, perhaps, a hundred years.  I sit in the back garden most days.  Then I'm so hot that I crave a shower.  Half a dozen times a day.

And this leads to the next problem:  showering.  I can't get shampoo or soap or grit or any foreign bacteria-ridden thing in my eye.  I tried all sorts of things not to get my eye bumped, scratched, soaped or wet when in the shower. After lots of experimentation (mainly out of the shower), I hit on the perfect showering solution for when I want to cold shower many times in one day.  And here it is:

A bucket on my head!!!

I still have trouble washing my hair.  And after more experimentation, I now have one hand holding a big fluffy bunched up towel over my bad eye,  and the other hand (trying to) wash my hair.