Monday, January 15, 2018

Scorching Bay Beach (again)

Hi there

Here are some  photos I took at Scorching Bay beach in the weekend.  It's so hot in Wellington.  December and January have never been so warm.  People are pouring to the beaches.  25c to 29c.

Hospital tomorrow for my cataract operation.  I'm pretty scared ....

Friday, January 12, 2018

My fave Wellington view, Kapiti Island

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One of my favourite views in the whole of New Zealand is that very first glimpse I get of Kapiti Island that I see on the way out of Wellington as I'm driving along Highway No 1.  Suddenly seeing the island appear, sometimes surrounded in mist, is almost a magical moment ....

Unfortunately, I couldn't take a photo of my favourite view because it's a narrow road, with lots of traffic and I'm always driving (and in a hurry to go somewhere).  But last week, I stopped off for lunch at Fisherman's table which is in Paekakariki and the restaurant has a nice view of the island -

Kapiti can be visited - and it's a great place to hike - but I think you still have to buy a ticket in advance from DOC (Dept of Conservation)

Monday, January 8, 2018

untidy shop customers?

Hi there

Yesterday, I finally found my way to the new K'Mart department store in Petone.

I was stunned at how piggy-untidy customers can be.  There is not supposed to be anything on the floor -

Friday, January 5, 2018

Dresses vs trousers

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I've often wondered about women moving away from skirts and dresses and how people nowadays don't think that anything is weird about a woman wearing trousers.  Yet ... if a man walked down the street in, say, a floral pleated skirt, there would be such a to-do.   When was it decided, I wonder,  that the two sexes would move into trousers instead of dresses?  And who was the fashion innovator who started it for women?  Coco Chanel, maybe?  But what if Hardy Amies, or some such designer,  had suddenly come up with dress patterns for men?:  the world, today, would be so much different.

You know, there's something noble about a man in a kilt.  It may raise a few giggles from 8 year olds but a kilt is not thought of as too outlandish.  And a gentleman from the Pacific Islands wearing a tropical wrap-around still manages to look macho.

When I was about ten, my mother made me some slacks.  I came home crying after the first wearing because my friends had told me how stupid I looked.  I was a girl, they said, so what was I doing in boys' clothes?

I can see the time coming, maybe fifty years from now, when everybody will be in trousers.  People will look at pictures from The Olden Days and laugh at the look of dresses.  Women will snigger at the skirts like we, today, smirk over crinolines and masses of stiff petticoats....

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What is this Christmas Present?

Hi there

I got a Christmas present through the post.  But, blow me down, I can't figure out what it is?  It's about the length of my fore-arm and can be squeezed from the sides.

It's probably something that every kitchen-proud person will instantly recognize.  "It's a fizzle gripper," he/she is probably shouting out at me with scornful derision.

But, and here's the kicker, when I rang up the overseas sender of the present, she couldn't remember what she'd sent me!

I refused to send her a photo.  Let her stew in her own juices - oh, wait, maybe The Thing is a lemon squeezer?

7 December (NZ time):  I've discovered what The Thing is.  It's a jar opener!   I was glancing through a Farmers' catalogue and found a similar object.   But the funny thing Is that I don't need the present at all because I have a foolproof way of opening a jar.
I just give the rim of the lid  a very brisk bang or two on the floor.  You'll hear a sort of click and then the lid will unscrew easily.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Day, evening. ( NZ time)

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As I type this, I am watching the Queen's Message on tv.  I am full and happy after Christmas Day luncheon at the West Plaza Hotel.

It was a lovely meal, but it was what I would call a kiwi summer buffet.  There was no roast beef/gravy/roast potatoes.  There were salads, salmon, potato gratin, turkey, ham.  The desserts were cold, nothing hot.  I couldnt work out whether the hard  cold slices of something was supposed to be Chistmas cake or plum pudding.  The mince pies were obviously out of a packet.  There were miniscule pavs (put your thumb and forefinger together and that was the size of all the dessert selections).

I guess that the old English tradition of a full hot Christmas day meal is practically out, which I suppose is sensible because it is our summer over here, halfway across the world from England. It is sad in a way for people of my generation, but young people, of course, don't even know, nowadays,   how slavishly NZ used to follow anything English.

below:  West Plaza Hotel Wellington, Christmas luncheon, 25 December 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Scorching Bay, Wellington

Hi there

I went to Scorching Bay yesterday ( 23 Dec NZ time) and had a wonderful day, but it was so hot that I had to cover up a lot to avoid sunburn.  I had three swims.  The photos are a bit silly because I didn't take the actual beach, just the sun-scorched grass behind it.  The bottom part of the North Island has now been declared .... a drought.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year