Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Hataitai Swim

Well, we've done our October swim - Yippeee!! Yippeee! Yippeee! And what's more we were in that early October water for over 12 minutes. A very respectable time. My friend and I loved the swim. Three lengths of the cove. Towards the end, we were lazily swimming, truly enjoying ourselves. My friend brought along her entire family as our cheerleading team.

So, that's two swims (Sept and Oct) within about a week - quadruple Yippeeee!!! By rights now, we don't have to go again until 30 November.

By about the end of this month, many people will be swimming. But surely we're still the only ones doing it every month throughout a year ... in Wellington? ... at Hataitai Beach,? Congrats to us.

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