Friday, December 10, 2010

Last (official) monthly swim for 2010!!!

Done it! Yippeee! Whoopee!! - etc, etc, etc!!!!! Can now say (boast?) that I've been swimming at Hataitai Beach in Wellington, New Zealand (surely Wellington is the cold sea-water capital of the North Island) every month, repeat, EVERY month this year, 2010!!!!!! Not in a wet suit, either.

My swimming friend and I are absolutely stoked! When others were freezing by their heaters in the Wellington winter months, we were swimming (add your own exclamation marks here, I'm tired of typing them).

As we were drying off from our 1st December swim, my swimming friend handed me a certificate (another exclamation mark). It reads" 'This is to certify that Lorraine Williams has completed the 'At Least Once-A-Month' Swim Challenge 2010'." It truly made me chuckle non-stop.

Why oh why is my friend now saying we should do it all over again next year. And did I hear her mutter the ominous phrase, "Maybe twice a month next year?"?
Have just had a few days in Auckland, swimming Waiheke, Takapuna and Mission Bay. The water was like being in the bath at home. Those softie Aucklanders, standing around muttering about the cold as I was cavorting about like a little (make that 'overweight') porpoise.

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