Friday, September 2, 2011

Las Vegas holiday

The Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas was great. But first I spent four nights at the MGM Grand before the con. From here I went on a sightseeing raft trip (leisurely, not white water - the raft was more of a pontoon and took, about 40 people). We were given wet towels for around our necks and and endless supply of water. We joined the raft at the foot of the Hoover Dam and rafted down the Colorado River. A lovely lunch w/ chilly bag was provided. We saw lots of wild rams/sheep who came down to river edge to drink. We stopped on shore for lunch and I swam with my clothes on, was dry inside 20 minutes. The water temp was 11c (the same as Wgton's winter water temp), but the air temp was 42c!!
It was hard walking in LV because of the heat. Mostly I walked but I did take the bus and the monorail. I went on a sort of flying fox over the heads of pedestrians down Fremont Street (the main street Downtown). Started at about a 5th floor level and zoomed down, suspended by a harness from an overhead wire to about a 3rd floor level). Only cost $15.
I had real fun at the convention, lots of stars, got my photo taken with Brent Spiner who plays Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation (see photo). Had the best rack of lamb ever at the special convention buffet that was thrown in with my entrance fee - and I guess it was American lamb.
I hurt my back on the plane coming home (NB: on a long haul flight always stuff a screwed up blanket or jumper against the small of your back). I had to go to the doctor as I could hardly move from the pain, for a week.

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