Sunday, November 3, 2013

More about those penguins

Hi there

You wouldn't believe it......   I was at the chemist's this morning, regaling the  assistant with the intrepid tale of "How I Swim at Hataitai Beach all Through the Winter..."   And without any prompting from me, the woman started reminiscing about the time she saw some penguins there! 

What?  Penguins?  How embarrassing is that?  And one day after I rubbished the "watch out for penguins crossing" sign at Hataitai Beach?

This woman said that one night, half a dozen years' ago,  a penguin scurried across in front of her to its nest under an upside down rowboat on the sands.  Another penguin went to its nest in the rocks. 

It looks like I could be soon joining those binocular-carrying penguin watchers crouched in waiting behind the flax bushes,

In the photo above, Hataitai Beach is on the right.

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