Wednesday, August 26, 2015

comment from Sarah

Hi there

I've had a comment from Sarah saying how brave I was to take the horse ride at the Bonnie Springs Ranch in Nevada.  Oh, that comment really buoyed me up!  I had looked on myself as cowardly because I was so frightened and panic-stricken every second of that ride.  But now I am going to puff out my chest and think, Well, I didn't just think about how scary that ride would be if I went on it,  I actually went to that ranch ... and did it!  And that counts for something?

You know, when I go swimming in the winter, the comment I mostly hear from people is, "You're mad!".  So, in future, in my head, I am going to substitute the word 'brave' whenever someone calls me  'mad' again.  Thanks, Sarah.

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