Sunday, July 31, 2011

Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows, Pt 2

Well, I've seen the last Harry Potter movie. A little bit (just a fraction) let down because a number of the crucial iconic parts of the book weren't in the film. Especially the dialogue. I have three main grumbles:
1 Neville not publicly killing Voldemart's snake. (I'm not spoiling this for anyone - those who go to the movie will have read the book). I adored reading about it when the two sides (Voldemort's army and the 'goodies') were all facing each other and brave Neville is humiliated in front of everybody, then rises to the occasion. Where is this in director Yates' film?
2 Draco and his parents mildly walking off into the sunset. Huh? The whole point of the story was about Narcissa pretending to Voldemort that Harry was dead, so as she could get into the castle and hunt for Draco. In the book she, then, gets into Hogwarts she and Lucias ran around like wild things looking for him. At the end all three are shyly sitting in the great hall trying to blend in.
But in the film Draco walks over to join the parents before the main battle and all three just wander off. Whaat?
3 The kiss??!!@#** It was all done so spontaneously in the book. Hermione was just so excited about Ron's ideas that she threw her arms about him and it turned into a lovely little kiss. In the film, what was it with all the extended baselisk stuff and the never-forgiveable rising music as the kiss went on forever.
Still, all in all, the film was okay, I guess. Seen it twice, going again today.

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