Friday, August 5, 2011

Wellington on a Plate

Yesterday I went to the first day of 'Wellington on a Plate'. My friend and I thought really hard about where we would go. We immediately thought of Martin Bosley, then turned it down because we didnt like the look of the menu.

Then we decided on Logan Brown. We rang them, left a message on their answerphone with dates, times, request, but never got a reply. We rang back a week later to be told that they werent starting 'Wellington on a Plate' on the official first day (fri 5) but on Sat 6th. Huh?

We then decided to have our lunch at Foxglove, down on the wharf. We'd booked like a long, long way in advance (when the programme came out) and still were shown to a crumby dark corner table. I'd always thought it was 'singles' who got the crumby seating; seems I was wrong.

The meal....? Well, I'm not really used to posh restaurants and it was a bit of a shock to see such, well, small helpings. I'd been led to believe that you could pick two courses out of three (one being dessert), but there was no dessert listed on yesterday's menu. I would loved to have had the option of the famous "Wellington on a Plate' burger. Last year's burger from Plum was spectacular.

Put your thumb and foreginger together, and that was the size of Foxglove's 'starter'. The piece of fish for the main course was half the size of my palm. And that was it! Oh, except for a bread roll and two glasses of wine (my friend had this) that looked absolutely hilarious because the wine was in a huge brandy type glass and there just appeared to be a drop in the bottom (this reminds me of the old Carol Burnett line, as she looked down into a brandy glass - "Don't look now, but somebody's pinched your guppies!" )

Being a non-drinker I asked for anything else and got a glass full of what tasted like tropical juice but was so over-laden with ice cubes that when I lifted up the glass, it spilt all over the table cloth.

I enjoyed seeing how the other half lives but I don't know if I want to do anything like this again.

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