Friday, October 28, 2011

Me as a Rugy World Cup Volunteer

Yes, can you believe it: silly, make-mistakes-all-the-time-terrible-memory-me was a rugby world cup volunteer. I made loads of mistakes to begin with but gradually the whole thing came together. I was stationed at Wellington Airport. Had to find hotels, rental cars, give directions, etc. We didnt really have any tourism training at all for the work. I think it was expected we would just direct folk to 'gates' or the airport bus, and that would be it.
I was jealous to begin with of all the activity in town, but after a while I began to think we, at the airport, had the best deal. It was more interesting. I did go to town one day, and it was so boring. All I did was walk up and down a 500 metre spot for five hours.
My fave day was when this lovely little old lady (goodness, arent I an old lady too?; I never twig to that!) told me she couldnt locate her pilot son. He'd flown down from Tauranga that morning and she wanted to surprise him, but he hadnt appeared. She'd asked around but nobody could help her. I took her to a couple of Air New Zealand people and they couldnt think of anything. Then I suddenly thought, "There's a Koru Lounge, and a Corporate Lounge - wonder if there's a Pilot's Lounge?". There was, and the lady and I bustled there. I passed on a message, and a pilot came out to tell my little old lady that her son had called in sick that morning and the plane had been flown down from Tauranga by someone else! Moral of story: never surprise people at airports.

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