Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November Swim - whoopeee!

Well, my friend and I have done our November swims at Wellington's Hataitai Beach and - wait for it! - we've done four swims this month. Four. Repeat, four. Not one, not even two. Certainly not three. Four-four-four-lah-de-dah-dah ... FOUR!
What this all means is that we're out of the woods (or water). Winter is behind us, summer is just a few days away. Because we swam once a month last year and twice a month this year, I'm secretly scared my friend will want to do three times a month next year.
I see that something like 700 people have been rescued while swimming at New Zealand beaches over the last month or so. Obviously this is Northland, Auckland or thereabouts. People who live in these areas can'possibly contemplate how difficult it is to swim at Wellington beaches through our winter months. Even September/October were cold. Heck, even this month (November) hasn't been at all warm.

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