Friday, December 2, 2011

Our last swim for year

We made it! Well, no, we never actually 'made' anything physically, like doing woodwork or baking a a chocolate cake. But we did complete our last double swim for the year 2011. For readers who've come in late (that third follower of mine, are you out there?), we decided this year to swim at least twice a month at Hataitai Beach. No mean feat if Hataitai Beach had been miraculously transferred to, say, Northland. The winter sea is very (very) cold in a Wellington winter.
At the beach yesterday, my friend's Loved One presented us each with a certificate and I received a gold(ish) cup, too, in definitely deserved recognition of my swimming position as 'Leader'. Oh, J-----, thank you so much for orchestrating the whole thing; noone could ask for a better "co-leader". Because I am such a magnanimous guy toward the lesser person, I will share the cup with you, month and month about. Kudos to both of us. And isnt your Loved One fantastic? He sits there patiently on the changing rooms' deck throughout our every swim , guarding our clothes, timing us in the water and never complaining, even when the day is freezing. I can see he is so proud of you.

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