Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Talk about a hot day ... and I mean the weather. I wished all day I could have been at the beach. Instgead I had to go to lunch at the Angus Inn in Lower Hutt with a friend (not J....., my wonderful swimming friend). It cost $100, repeat $100!!!! What a waste, especially when there wasnt really that much food to choose from. As my friend said, the table decorations looked more like they were for a children's party, not Christmas. Not a sign of anything Christmassy. Cardboard hats, streamers weaving in and out of plates and cutlery, hooter horns blown non-stop by the few children there, and crackers. By the time we made it to dessert, they werent replenishing the course and there was virtually no trifle left. My friend couldn't eat his steak medallion because it was so raw (and this after snobbily looking at my steak when I pointed the redness out to him and he said that the steak was meant to look like that).
On the way home, I couldnt stop off at beach because I was so full with food, I thought I would probably sink if I went for a swim. I had to go home for an hour and then hit the berach about 4.30 pm. It was quite crowded.
Again, what a waste of a hundred dollars.

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