Friday, April 13, 2012

holiday injuries, Las Vegas holiday, Hobbit

     Well, as usual I arrived back from my holiday at the end of Feb 2012 with a physical injury.  No, scrub that, with two physical injuries.  1) the ripped cartilage in my (other) knee, and  2) I've torn a cartilage attached to my rib.  For six weeks I've had this sort-of-pain under the rib and finally went to the doctor.  What is it about me and cartilages.  Two knees, one rib, and still counting.
     My next holiday is - wait for it - Las Vegas again.  What is it that an elderly solo spinster finds exciting about Las Vegas?  Well, I love the vibe of the whole place.  I love mixing with tourists, I love the glitzy bubble that is The Strip.  But this time I have to resist buying anything glitzy and sparkly.  I must remember that when I get home I won't be able to wear glitz and sparkle anywhere.  Hard, but I hope to be able to get away without buying that bling that is forced on one everywhere in Vegas.  I will have to recite the mantra "I am too old for glitter-I am too old for glitter".  Darn, I wish I wasn't too old for glitter.
The set of 'The Hobbit' can just be seen over the top of the Stone Street Studio gates.  Here's a pix.  I figured because they'd put plastic across the gate, I could edge in closer for photos.  If I couldn't see them, they couldn't see me, right?   Wrong.  This disembodied voice rang out, "No photographs please."

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