Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yes, WeightWatchers, I'm looking at you!

Okay, yes, I'm on another 'cutting down'.  I hate to say 'dieting'.  I've now been on my .... okay, diet .... since end of Feb, and detest every second of it.  I dream of chocolate, cake, and oven chips, the things I have had to give up.  When I pass the bakery section at 'Countdown' I have to shade my eyes from the sight and mutter to myself, "no-no-no-no...".    However, I can't give up cheese or bread.  If I was going to be hanged tomorrow and was asked what my last meal would be, I would have to say 'a cheese sandwich please'. 
I don't weigh myself, instead I measure myself every few weeks.  Talking in old style language (because my tape measure is in inches), every inch overall lost (ie, waist hips, thighs in my case)  equals 5lbs lost. 
Anyway, every now and then I buy a WeightWatcher meal and add a salad to it.  Yesterday, I bought a Beef Hotpot.  Oh, my goodness, how sad it was compared to the picture on the box.  Wish I'd taken a photo before I wolfed the meal down (I won't say anything about taste, because when I'm ... dieting ... even cardboard would taste brilliant).  The writing on the box mentions mashed potato.  Mashed?  That's a joke.  It was puree-ed.  Most of the meal looked puree-ed (wish I knew how to spell that word; it doesn't look right).  There were two little strips of meat sticking out of the puree liquid.
WeightWatcher meals are passable, but the picture on the box never matches The Real Thing.  The None of the WeightWatcher meals that I've tried seem to equal the box photo.  I'm wondering if I should go to Fair Trades Act?  Sigh.

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