Thursday, May 17, 2012

At last, I have a Blogging how-to Book!

Success could be, I think, around the corner re this blogging stuff.
My friend "A" set up this blog for me (she very cunningly put in links (is that the phrase?) to her poetry website. 
I have been like a skittish little colt writing my blogs because I have no idea what any of the icons mean.   For a few months there recently I couldn't see how to 'publish' and kept getting everything in draft form instead and I just couldnt get what I wanted.  So, in frusturation, I left the blogging.
As for seeing if anyone leaves me messages, I have no idea where to look.  Neither do I know how to judge if anyone is reading this - except 2 followers who I figure are my friends "J" and "A" .
When I thought I only had 2 people reading these blogs, I was happy, serene, but by accident I flicked into something else for a bare instant and I thought I read that 4,000 people had read a blog of mine sometime or other since I started writing them.  Heeeeeellllppp!  This scares me like crazy.  Especially as I truly only know how to type in the actual blog plus, if I'm lucky, place in a photo.
Today I got a book on blogging from the library.  Will I be able to understand it?  On quick flick through, there are parts that look distressing to me.  Honestly, computerese is a foreign language.
Anyway, we will see.  Maybe I'll eventually learn not to be frightened of touching any other button besides 'new post', 'publish' and 'image'?

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