Sunday, May 27, 2012

View from the loo - PSA Holiday Home, Raumati

Last week I spent two nights at the PSA (Public Service Association) Holiday Homes in Raumati.  I was in Unit 1, almost on the beach (see 1st photo), with Kapiti Island straight ahead.  No, no, I didnt go for a swim because I'm not all that familiar with Raumati, it is all but winter, and I well remember the surf at Raumati brings in all manner of debris.  Because of all the twigs and sticks, I vowed never to go in it again.  I have since learnt that one has to swim out through the debris to further afield - shouldn't  that  be 'further awater'?.
Unit 1 was only $56 a night, and I just couldnt stop looking at the view.  Even 'the view from the loo' - see accompanying (middle) photo - was great!
I'm a member of the Government Superannuatants' Association so this allows me to stay at PSA holiday homes.
I went for several long walks along the beach - Walked to Paraparaumu shops.  Took 45 minutes getting there because I stopped to gawk at scenery, pat every dog I came across, talked to umpteen people, tried to decide which house I would own if I won Lotto.   Returning, it took 25 minutes because I didnt stop all that often.
The weather was absolutely perfect.  I went to Country Life (is it still called that?) in Waikanae for lunch one day.  Had the most fantastic pan-fried 'Fish of the Day'.  So succulent.  They have a nice $10 menu, too, but been there done that, decided to go for the bigger version this time.  I went to Cookies at Paraparaumu for a dinner w/ roast meal/apple crumble.  Hey, all you can eat for $17 ($10 for lunch),  Luverly.

Okay, let's see if I can get some photos into this blog.  I usually quiver with fear at this point ....

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