Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 2012 swims, Hataitai Beach, Wellington

We've done 4 - four, count 'em, FOUR, FOUUUUUURRRRR!!  - swims for May 2012, at Hataitai Beach.  It was hardly worth mentioning that in April we did over a dozen.  But four - foooourrrrrrr! - during May is brilliant (in our opinion) considering that it's been quite cold this month, pertaining to both weather and water.
At the beginning of the year, J was all bravado and said, "let's do 3 swims a month during winter" and I never committed.  I just mumbled about how happy I was to stay with two.  But now that I've done 4 - repeat, four - in May, and it wasn't even by mid-May but the beginning of May, I am quite optimistic for June, July, and August.  When I think that three years ago, we were scared to do one a month (not in summer of course when we did dozens a month), then last year it was two a month and, now, 3.  This obviously means - as J is so fond of telling me - that, by the time we're aged one-hundred-and-something we'll be doing 30 or 31 a month in a Wellington winter.
This month we put our t-shirts on top of our bathing suits, our concession to winter.  Still, we're not in wetsuits.  How hardy are we?!!!
P.S.  I don't think that's a shark behind us.  It could be a sting-ray because they're known to be at Hataitai Beach (but usually in summer).  -  Nah, only kidding;  it's floating seaweed!

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