Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scared over my winter swims

It's all very well being brave and full of adventure in the warmer months (yes, we swam at Hataitai Beach - swum?/swimmed? - six times in May) but as June, July and August are getting closer and the weather is getting colder, I'm getting cold feet in more ways than one. 
When I woke up yesterday which was the coldest day so far this year in Wellington, I thought "this is what it will be like in the winter months and I intend to go swimming??!!"    And (silly) J decided we would swim three times a month over June July and August.  It was bad enough doing one day a winter month two years ago, then J insisted on 2 days a month last year, and now it's three days a winter month (all because she vowed it in writing on the Letters Page in "That's Life!").... hellllp!  
And to make it worse, the other day J took off for two weeks in Toowoomba (dont think I can spell that but I adoooore saying it.... Too-WOOM-BAAAA.  I imagine booming the word out repeatedly as the Lion King holds his newborn triumphantly above his head).  She won't be back from Australia till mid June which means there will be an almighty rush to get in three swims done in two weeks.
And we have a 'rule' - we have lots of rules - that we're not allowed to swim alone until we've completed our monthly winter swims as a duo (another 'rule' is that we're not allowed to cheat at another beach,  example, Toowoomba - J, are you paying attention?).  So this means I can't go charging into the water by myself early on in June.  Oh dear ....

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