Saturday, June 16, 2012

Will we get in those three swims for this month???!!!@@**

Here it is, 17 june, and we haven't been swimming this month at all.  It's been too cold, too wet, too holiday-ey (are you reading this, J?).  How on earth are we going to fit in three swims by the end of the month?  There is a mid-winter swim next weekend, apparently, at Breaker bay (or somewhere off the south coast) and we could aim for that for one of our swims.  Our 'rules' would cover it because the south coast waters are colder than Hataitai Beach.  We wouldn't be allowed to count, say, a beach in Auckland because of the warmer winter seas.   I can see us fitting in, definitely, one more, and at a pinch two.  But three swims by the end of the month .....?  

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