Saturday, June 16, 2012

Musical stage shows

I love going to stage musicals.  I've shot up to Auckland more times than I can remember for shows.  For years my favourite all-time show used to be "42nd Street".  I've seen the movie, of course.  I've seen the stage show in Wellington (two different productions and something like 25 years' apart), Auckland (again: twice and years apart) , Palmerston North, and New York.  The best production was ...... Palmerston North!  The New York production starred Shirley Jones who we oldies all remember from "Oklaholma!"  and other wonderful film musicals. 
Nowadays my favourite musical of all time that I've seen has to be "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - the Musical" that I saw at the Civic in Auckland a couple of years' back.  It was spectacular!!!  And the Civic has such a breathtakingly beautiful auditorium. 
Believe it or not, another favourite has to be "High School Musical" which I've also seen twice and the best production of this was in Palmerston North.  I think it's because the actors in Palmerston put their all into their one week or so of performances.  
I quite like The Rocky Horror Show as well.  I've seen three different productions.  The best one was the Tina Cross/Mark Hadlow version.   The Michael Hurst one at Skycity was a bit vulgar (oh goodness, when did I turn into a prude, especially over Rocky Horror!)
I missed the musical "Mary Poppins" by a couple of weeks in both Melbourne and Sydney and I was furious.  But now, it's coming to Auckland in October.  I am so excited!  Bookings open on Thursday.

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