Saturday, June 23, 2012

June Swim No. 2 - DONE!

We've done our second swim for June, this one at Breaker Bay!  The residents have one every year.  There's a bonfire and, afterwards, mulled wine and soup in the Breaker Bay Hall opposite the beach.  I am so relieved that we've managed to get the swim in.  Now, it's two down, one to go before 30 June.   It's imperative that we get a day with no storms or hurricanes, or typhoons.
I didn't think the water at Breaker Bay was ultra-cold.  Maybe this was because we'd only been swimming the day before and were a fraction acclimatised to the cold winter sea.

It was hilarious in the water because there was literally no water!  Couldn't have been more than knee deep in most places and was so stony and seaweed strewn that it was all but impossible to actually swim.  I kept getting bogged down in seaweed, and J hated the stones.  Probably about a dozen people in the water.  They all seemed to be just quick plungers, however there were these two boys of about ten or 12 years old who, because of a $5 bet were trying to out-time each other in the water.  J and I left them to it.  It would have been nice to be the last out, but that damn seaweed really got to me.  Give me good old wonderful Hataitai Beach where we can just slip easily into the water from the steps, and there's nary a stone in sight.   Having said that bit about the stones, I must mention one huge stone at the bottom of the steps at Hataitai Beach that both J and I have tripped/banged/fell over at one time or another.  J turned her fall into the most graceful dive, whereas I just yelled out, grabbed my foot and hopped around like a wimp.

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