Monday, June 25, 2012


After being so worried that we wouldn't get in our three swims because of such bad weather this month, we've just completed a FOURTH swim for June, all in the space of one week.  Are we on a roll, or what?  Last month, we did 6, when all we were aiming for was three, and this month, wow, it's four swims:  three at Hataitai Beach and one at Breaker Bay.
As we're about to step in the water, we always have second thoughts, then we get into water, and we have third thoughts.  We have fourth thoughts the entire swim!   The water is really cold.   What will July and August be like - brrrrrrrr!!
We also came across about our third ever person today who said something, to the effect, that how great we were swimming in Wellington waters in the winter.  I must confess that most people use the word 'mad' in a sentence when they're talking about J and me.
Not bad for a couple of 'little old ladies'*, eh?
Anyway, laurel-resting time until July. 

*we pondered for a long time this morning on why folk talk about  a)  'little old ladies' and,  b)  "a 'little man' came around to fix the fridge".   It probably all stems from the class system in Britain.  

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