Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fifth swim

Ho-hum, it's getting so tedius now.  We completed our fifth swim this morning.  Let me background that:  our fifth swim in roughly a week!!   Wowwweeeeeee!!!! ( So much for trying to act all nonchalent.)   After we'd completed our third swim for the month, we hi-fived (yeah, two 'little old ladies' in bathing suits hi-fiving in the freezing cold outside the changing sheds at Hataitai Beach.- what a picture!).  But it was so cold today (air temp 10c) that within seconds of getting out from the water, my toes and fingers were like icebergs and there was no thoughts of hi-fiving.  Just an Olympic games rush into the sheds.  Hey, come on, Wellington City Council, when are we going to have a heated changing shed (wouldn't that be lovely?), or a skylight in the ceiling to let in some light and sun, or a hot shower.  We always say that it's colder in the shed than outside.  Trying to dress after a swim is horrific in the winter.  We can't button up our clothes,  put on socks, turn clothes the right way about.  Our fingers are just so numb.   But we're laughing the entire time with relief that we've done the required swim.  I also laugh hysterically as I plunge into the water.   Sorry, Hataitai Bay residents if you hear this neighing hyena type continual braying;  it's just me!

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