Sunday, February 8, 2015

Who doesn't like ice cream?

Hi there

I rarely eat ice cream but, goodness, I do love it!  When I'm on holiday I luxuriate in ice cream!   I'd bathe in it, if I could.

In Queenstown I went to Movenpick a lot and had a double scoop in a waffle cone.  I felt so decadent, sitting outside the shop, under a sun umbrella and watching the coming and going activities on the wharf.  Actually,  I think I preferred this double scoop at Movenpick to Rata Restaurant's elegant cheesecake roll.

When I was in Whakatane, Taupo, and Tauranga last December, I had ice cream sundaes from the different Cobb and Co restaurants in each of these places.  Except for the Tauranga branch sticking a rolled biscuit stick in the sundae, they were all absolutely alike to look at..... wonderful!

Here's a pic of the Taupo sundae.

And here's a picture of this little dog in Taupo that kept bouncing up and down trying to see me over the top of a fence.  Obviously, he never thought to look at me from between the palings!

And, oh, yes, the Cobb restaurants do have scrumptious roast meals for when that particular craving hits.

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