Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Those Supermarket Shopping Baskets

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You'd think that a supermarket basket would hold nothing compared to those immense trolleys that dot the aisles and run into the backs of  your ankles?  You won't overspend when you fill such a small basket, surely?  You won't have much stuff to carry home?

Ah-ha, it's a trick for the eye.  There's nothing small about supermarket baskets.   At checkout, you discover the basket is not only equivalent to Dr Who's phone box where the inside is bigger than the outside, but Mary Poppins' handbag also comes in to play.  You seem to be forever pulling things out of the basket and setting them on the conveyor belt.

"How on earth will I carry all this home," I wail to the checkout operator.  Honestly I trot away from that store like a pack-mule.

I've come to the conclusion that supermarkets spray us with some invisible hypnotising marketing vapour as we cross their threshhold.  Before we hit that threshhold, our mind says, "I'm only going to buy a tin of tuna".  But then we come out of the store with three heavy bags of goods that somehow we've suddenly miraculously decided we need.  Oh, and minus the tuna which we've forgotten to buy.

Once I couldn't find what I was looking for and left with no purchase.

"I escaped," I said dramatically to the checkout operator.

"Good for you,"  she said.  "But we'll get you next time."


I feel for the poor folk in the Ukraine.  We watch footage on tv and it is all so sad what you are going through..  I'm hurting for you.

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