Saturday, January 31, 2015

Eating in Queenstown

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I went to Rata for a meal in Queenstown.  Rata is owned by Josh Emmett who is a judge on Masterchef New Zealand.  The room was very dark.   The food was very arty-looking.
Below:  salmon entree

Below:  cheesecake 

I also went to nearby Arrowtown and had a roast pork meal at New Orleans pub.  Whenever I'm on holiday, I get a wild craving for a roast meal.  Doesn't matter if the weather is boiling hot, I have to locate a homely roast meal.   I sat on the outside deck in the sun, and truly enjoyed my lunch.  Great value for money and such a change from some restaurants in Queenstown that gave me what looked like a little squirt of food on a massive plate - if it was put on a smaller plate, the food would look sufficient and I wouldn't feel as if I was being had.  Below, New Orleans scrumptious meal, with crackling.

In Arrowtown, went for a bush walk beside the Arrow River.  A wonderful safe hour long loop walk.  

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