Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hataitai Beach yet again

Hi there

As of today (Friday NZ time),  I have done 49 days of swimming.  Yesterday and today were annoying because the jellyfish were back.  Oh, I am such a wimp.  The second I feel them sithering all slimy-ish against my body, I scream.   People on the shore must think I have been attacked by a shark, at least.

Oh, and yes, I do hear the music from "Jaws" resounding loudly in my head as I am stressfully swimming, and peering intently into the water ... and  waiting for the attack of the dozens, no hundreds, wait - thousands of those darn transparent saucer-sized jellies!

If the jellies continue I won't be going swimming for a while.... and I am so close to a goal of 50 swimming days (earlier I miscalculated when I told you it was 42 swims;  it was really 43!).


Something's gone wrong with how I insert photos, so no photos for a while, I am afraid.


I will be missing in action from my compter for a few days...... 

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