Sunday, January 25, 2015

50 swims!

Hi there

With all the excitement of my Queenstown holiday, I forgot to tell you about my swimming.  I made it to 50 swims!!  The fifty day number fell on the day I arrived in Queenstown.  I was so scared that the weather would be bad and the lake would be awash with mile-high stormy waves.  Well, the skies were dull, there were choppy waves and I was the only one in the water, but I made my fifty days of swimming, and I was ecstatic.  How awful if, because of weather I hadn't been able to complete my goal at the last hurdle.  I decided to call it quits at number fifty otherwise I would have been totally stressed for, maybe, the rest of my life, trying to up the number of straight swimming days.  The day after my fiftieth I took a break - good thing, too, 'cause it poured with rain, but I did swim for the next five days..

The next challenge for J and myself is to swim at seven different  beaches over a seven hour period.  .  We intend to do this leisurely.  And we hope to do it today.  Fingers crossed.

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