Saturday, January 24, 2015

Queenstown holiday

Hi there
I've just got back from a week in Queenstown, so-called Adventure Capital of New Zealand (I think Americans would write it as 'Capitol').  I was surprised and happy to discover that about 95% of people trooping around Queenstown wore bacpacks of all sizes, shapes, and colours.  I fitted right in.

I only took 7kg of cabin baggage, and in this bag I crammed in two sheets, a pillowcase, three towels, my clothes, my swimming gear, and all my needed extras.    The holiday house I rented was up a very, very, very high hill that I climbed two to three times a day.  I'm telling you, my five readers, that I cursed and growled and panted and puffed all the way up that hill every time.  There was a playground three-quarters of the way up, and sometimes I sat there for a rest.  But if anyone from Dublin Street is reading this, the rather wholesome pensioner with a heavy backpack that you might have seen cavorting merrily on that kiddie swing was not me, and I repeat, not me.

I had a lovely meal at the restaurant named Rata, which I hadn't realised beforehand was so upmarket, nor that it was run by Masterchef  New Zealand judge Josh Emmett who had been Gordon Ramsay's right-hand guy in New York.  I arrived in a plastic raincoat, my hard-worn trainers, and wet weather pants.  The staff treated me wonderfully, they even elegantly hung up my plastic mac!

I still can't get photos into my blog.  I will have to call in a professional someone later this week to fix all my computer problems. Sigh.  Please don't leave me just because there's no visual wonders ...

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