Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cliff Richard. Huh, who?

Cliff Richard The Early years

Well, slap my wrist and tell me off:  Helen - she who danced in that leafy square in France with a stranger - reminded me that I used to have a thing for the singer, Cliff Richard.  She wondered what I had done with my two-page hand-written letter that I got from the guy in the 1960's.  This Comment from Helen was after I'd gone on about how rock'n'roll memorabelia wouldn't be worth a tin of fish in the future.  Oops.

You know, I'd forgotten about that letter?  Maybe I should hunt it out and sell it right now?

Most people, nowadays, see Cliff Richard as this 74 year old singer who is a bit of a dweeb.  But in the late 50's, he was labelled as Britain's King of Rock'n'Roll.  I called  him my sigh guy and thought he was so cute.  I saw him in the movie "The Young Ones" 14 times.  I saw "Summer Holiday" 12 times.  This was all before videos or DVD's.

There has always been a little flutter, just a tiny one, in my heart when I hear his name.  Maybe the flutter is to do with the past and growing old?  It's a memory flutter for times gone by, perhaps a wish to be there again?  A friend tells me that her 'thing' was for American actor, Farley Granger.  She, too, looks back happily on her young dreams.

Wouldn't it be neat to go back to one's teenage past for just an hour or two?   Oh, wait, maybe it wouldn't.  Zits, boyfriend trouble, homework???   Maybe I'll take a raincheck on that time travel...

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