Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gone and done it!

Hi there
In the words of the magnificently-voiced Ms Shania Twain, I've "gone and done It"*.

I've booked for America.  Again.  Obviously, i took into account that i needed to save up to repair that hole in my lounge ceiling, and that i really need new blinds, and my bank account is in dire need of replenishment, and I've just forked out for an expensive new stove, and my friends will roll their eyes aware I have Las Vegas OCD....... And yet I still booked?

For the love of little bunnies (thanks "Four Brides USA" for giving me this phrase), what came over me?  I should never have peeked at a "Do you want to go back to Las Vegas" spam email that was sent me.  I had ignored these emails for months.  SIGH.

It's bad enough that I'm a Pepsi Max addict, but to also admit that i am addicted to Las Vegas is surely over the top?

(Eight horrific days now without Pepsi.  Do i get my eight day good-girl badge?)

Ive never so much as played a poker machine in Las Vegas - don't gamble in any form, never ever bought a Lotto ticket - but I do think Vegas is an exciting and safe place to indulge my luxury-on-a-budget whims.

I truly have gone and done it ...

               *from the song "Love Gets Me Every Time".

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