Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Queenstown, New Zealand

Hi there

I didn't really do much in Queenstown because of my bad knee but being in Queenstown looking out my ceiling to floor windows at a magnificent view had to be better than sitting at home in Wellington and feeling sorry for myself.

There was this fab food delivery service called FastFatChef - i could pick types of cuisine from diferent menus, ie, Indian, Chinese, etc, and it was delivered within half an hour.

In the seven days i was away, i only got three times out of the holiday home that I'd rented.  I went up the gondola (it was even slowed down to let me board) to a nice buffet lunch.  The below pic is taken from restaurant area.

As to now, almost three weeks after my fall?  I am relying on my hiking stick to get around, hoping that folk will think i am a jaunty walker rather than a limping invalid.  But i dont think it's working.  In the hospital carpark yesterday, after I'd accidentally slammed the door across my face, I rested my head across my arms, leaned down on the steering wheel, and sobbed.

Still, with a bit of an effort, i can reach down to the floor now to pick up things - I can give the loaned pick-up tongs back to my friend, J;  she  presented them to me when i got in a temper tantrum.

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