Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More Melbourne

Hi there

Aside from getting lost every hour I was in Melbourne, I seemed to be doing a lot of walking ... and walking.  My Skeechers shoes were fairly new but by the time I got home, the soles were pretty worn down.  I was worn down, too.

I saw 'Matilda - the musical'.  To my mind, it wasn't as good as 'Sister Act', though still entertaining.  But I must be getting some kind of selected hearing in my old age because all the little girls' singing voices sounded like unintelligible chipmunk chittering;  I could hardly make out a word.

Above: an overseas clip


I went to the Arts Centre and there was a collection of stage clothes worn over the years by Aussie singer Kylie Minogue. 

Okay, all right, yes, I did get up-close to kangaroos.  I mean, come on, I was in Australia ...

No-one who lives in this little town at the foot of the Grampians mountain range own lawn mowers.  At dusk the kangaroos come out from the bush and hop through town munching on people's lawns.

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