Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hi there

I love it when I'm out walking and I come across dogs.  I always make a big fuss of them.  I love any sort of pet really.  

Here's a mother swan and her babies that I came across last week.  She'd got them to shore because the waters of  Lake Taupo were particularly vicious.  With just one day's notification I got a chance to stay at a holiday home in Taupo last week and I took the offer and ran with it.  I didn't run far though because it was cold and wet and I stayed inside mostly.  However, I did manage to swim three times in the (brrrhh, cold) river.  But my dream of sunbathing on the banks of the lake and swimming in it every day amounted to nothing.

Also, last week, in the grounds of the Flat Hill Cafe, just out of Taihape, I saw these ducks sheltering under the last unoccupied picnic table,  away from the sun.  Rather than disturb them, I sat on the grass to eat my lunch.

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