Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hudson and Halls, new show in Wellington

above: the real tv chefs, Hudson and Halls

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A week ago I went to the Hannah Playhouse/Downstage to see "Hudson and Halls Live".  It wasn't truly Hudson and Halls live because sadly the two New Zealand tv chefs passed away several decades ago.  Still, the play was a recreation of the production of one of their light-hearted  cooking shows, complete with stage manager, lights for 'applause',  breaks for commercials when all sorts of shennanigans happened, and the 'filming' where things just kept going wrong.  There was loads of merriment, some angst and, of course, liquor.  We attendees were meant to be the tv show audience.
This show was so hilarious, especially when their 'guest for the evening - opera singer, Kiri Te Kanawa - apparently got in a huff at a power cut and left the building.  Her singing slot was taken over by the initially reluctant floor manager.

At the end of the show, members of our audience were invited to take pictures with the actors, just like Hudson and Halls did in real life.  I took a photo from my seat in the stalls but because of the fully bright disco ball above the actors' heads, the photos are not very good.  It was funny when five young ladies from up North who had come especially down the line to see the show, and wearing hard hats because of Wellington earthquakes, had their picture taken (by the singing floor manager) with the stars of the show!

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