Sunday, November 27, 2016

7 Swims!

Hi there

Well, I made my seven swims for November!  I got through earthquakes, and holiday, and storms, and jellyfish .... but I only just made it through the jellyfish.  Today we saw some menacing ones near to me in the water.  J's personal paparazzo, along with J (she'd already done her swimming quota for the month), watched me from shore as I dog-paddled in knee-high water around and around in a couple of little circles in front of the steps, with one of the lion's mane jelly-fish drifting closer and closer.

Still ... done!

Thong Man and Bob took the plunge, with J and her personal paparazzo semaphoring directions to them:  "Go right!  Go left!"  How brave can two guys get?

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