Sunday, November 13, 2016



It's now about 1.30 a.m. Mon morn in New Zealand.  Just after midnight, I was woken by a severe earthquake.  I stumbled to the dining room and cowered under the table, praying!  The quake went on ... and on ... and on ...  Cupboard doors and drawers flew open.  I heard glass breaking somewhere.  Things flew off shelves. I could hear things falling off shelves in the garage too.   I was so scared.  Aftershocks still going on....

I have put on the radio, and there appears to be lots of damage in Wellington city.  Over the past hour there have been quakes all up and down the country, both islands.  Main quake was 7.5.  Callers on radio are asking if it might be related to King Moon and King tides due around the country this week.  Check through  Or

Now, I hear there is a tsunami alert for the the country.  I live by the sea.  We've been told to stay away from beaches. As I type this, three metre high waves have hit the South Island. They say maybe higher ones to come.

I wish it wasnt dark.

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