Friday, November 25, 2016

more jellyfish

Hi there

My friend J, and I, went to the beach today, between the rain bouts.  J's personal paparazzo stood high on the fence surrounding the deck whilst we were swimming close in to the shore.  His eyes were alert for the enemy, with orders from us to shout "Jellyfish!" at the top of his lungs if he saw any.

Suddenly, "Jellyfish!" was shouted.  "Lorraine, it's beside you!  Beside you!"

Forget about swimming.  I ploughed out for the shore, almost at a run, and hoping I was going in the right direction away from the jelly.  My friend J rushed to the steps that led up from the water.

We got out real fast.  Within minutes, J's personal paparazzo counted four huge lion's mane jellyfish approaching the deck steps.

I have one more swim to get in before the end of the month.  But I'm not going in the water for a day or two...


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