Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hi there

I'll just have a quick look in this dress shop, I thought.  Just an in and an out. Fast-like, I don't really want to buy anything.   I'm not.  Truly.

"Oh, that's a nice dress," I said to the lady behind the counter..  It was the right length too.  Usually dresses trail behind me like the train on a wedding dress.  Or they only just cover my bottom.

"Try it on," said the lady.

I did. It was sort of perfect.  But I'd made up my mind not to buy any clothes.  I was saving up for My Big South Island Road Trip (providing I would be given permission by the eye doctors to drive).

"Here's another dress, same style, different colour".  The lady whisked another dress into the changing room.

Oh.  This dress was just as good as the first one.

I caved in.  I bought one.

"Come back if you want the other dress," said the lady.

But I am determined.  It's bad enough that I've bought one, I don't  need two.

No way.

Maybe ....

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