Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jellyfish at Hataitai Beach, Nov 2016

Hi there.

What a month this has been.  Holiday.  Rain.  Earthquakes.  And now ... jellyfish at Hataitai Beach.  Two big jellyfish, with tendrils.

The three of us - The Young One, J, and myself - were swimming along today, chatting away, not a care in the world, enjoying the lovely sunny weather when The Young One raised her arms and I saw what looked like fishing lines hanging down from her arms

"Oh, no, you'll have to take the line to the shore, to a bin" I said.  Whenever we see plastic bags and such in the water, we always take them to shore.  We don't want a dolphin caught up in debris, and dying.

The Young One kept pulling more and more dangling 'lines' from her arms.  Then she shrieked.  "It's a jelllyfish!"  And not just a little see-through harmless one, but this one had a big red centre.  The Young One was caught up in the tendrils.


We got out of the water, and spotted a second replica jellyfish.  I declared that there was no way I was going back into that sea until at least the weekend.

And because it's been such a traumatic month, I've only managed to get in four swims at Hstaitai Beach (according to our 'rules' I am not allowed to count my four swims on Waiheke Island).  I have to get in three more swims in before December to make up our minimum quota of seven per month.  If I don't, the whole year's swimming, including those horrific winter swimming  months, have all been for nought....

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