Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Big South Island Road Trip?

Hi there

The trip is on!  I've been cleared to drive for the next three months!  Whoop-de-do!!

My Big South Island Road Trip isn't until the end of January so my return from holiday in February will just fit in with when I have to go to the eye doctor again.  They will then make another decision about my driving.  But for now, phewww, the relief.

My friend in Auckland is beside herself with happiness too, because she will be house-sitting for me in the middle of summer instead of the middle of winter, like she usually does.  My garage guy is also tap-dancing gleefully - he can now fit a new $800 cambelt to my car.  I'd been holding off getting this done until I got my eye results.
Billy Elliot the musical was so good.  We have such talent in New Zealand.  Here is an overseas clip.  It's a sort of dream sequence.  I was in the third row at the show in Auckland and - cough-cough - got  engulfed in the smoke.
The young Billy is dancing, and an older Billy is mirror-ing everything.  I liked our version a tad better -

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