Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chocolate! Chocolate! Gimme Chocolate!

Hi there

Wednesday morn NZ  time

While I was still cowering (no, no, sheltering-sheltering) under the table after the big quake on Monday morning I got a wild instant craving for chocolate.  I had been dieting for weeks without one piece of chocolate entering my temple of a body, but now chocolate was chorus-dancing in my head, row upon row of the stuff.  It was all I could think about.

I stood on a kitchen chair and rooted around on the top shelf of the larder;  this is my hard-to-get-to place for stashing left-over chocolate when I'm overcome with remorse but don't have enough remorse to throw the stuff away.

Nope, not a scrap of chocolate in the entire house.

I held off for eleven hours.  Then fought my way out through the perfect storm to the Miramar Petrol Station.

"I need chocolate," I whimpered.

"Don't blame you," said the lady behind the counter.  "Its the stress".

Magnificent!  I had permission.  For the rest of the day I lived at Chocolate Central...

Many shops, malls, were still closed yesterday, Tuesday.  My supermarket was open, but the shelves were severely depleted; lots of stuff must have broken during earthquake.  Also, our Prime Minister has told us to shop and store, because so many roads are impassable for lorries and trains bringing food supplies to all round the country.

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