Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wink-wink-nudge-nudge - at the beach!

Hi there

Today, I decided to go shopping instead of going to Hataitai beach.  But, oh dear, I missed an ... interesting happening.

A well-dressed man and a woman - both aged about forty - got out of a car.  She trotted into the Ladies' changing shed, the man went into the Men's.  But a minute or so later the gentleman skedaddled into the Ladies'.

What?  The gang on the deck, sitting, and watching, were puzzled ...

 The Young One, never known to not put her best foot forward, casually sauntered into the changing shed.  She reported back to her breathlessly waiting gang, agog in anticipation, that the couple in question were in the lone toilet cubicle.

 Maybe the woman needed help with her trouser zip?   Perhaps there was no toilet paper in the Mens'?

In the 1960's there was that saying, "Save water, shower with a friend";  very ecological, and all that.  "Save water, flush with a friend" could well be an updated version that had yet to come to the attention of the Hataitai Beach regulars? -

This pair certainly were flushed when they emerged from the Ladies' changing shed about fifteen minutes later to the raucous cheers, waves, and winks from the gang on the deck.

I rather think it had been a tryst ...

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