Monday, October 8, 2012

American television programmes

Ten years' ago, in New Zealand, we were a couple of years behind viewing shows already seen on American television
A couple of years ago, we became, maybe, a season behind.  This seemed inevitable at the time because United States  shows that had been shown in their Autumn (September) were held over until the following Autumn (April) in New Zealand.  Both countries figured that nobody would watch shows in the summer; everybody would be out cavorting at the beach or doing some other summer frivolity.

But, now, with illegal downloads, the scenario appears to be changing.  Television programmers are fighting back.   No longer will we be seeing Christmas programmes in the middle of the year, or Halloween programmes at Christmas.  A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to see channel four announce that the new season of "New Girl" would be shown here within a couple of weeks of it being shown in the States.

Then, surprise, TV3, said that we would be seeing "Homeland", my fave show, the same week as the States.

But double-triple-quadruple surprise.  All day yesterday, TV3 trumpeted that "Homeland" would be broadcast on the same day as it was to be shown in America.  Wow!  I watched it last night and thought, "Nobody in the States knows what's coming up in the next few weeks with this programme.   There's no spoilers to be read about on the net.  It's a level playing-field. So ....  O for Awesome .
 (O for Awesome? - look it up on youtube, you'll have a giggle)

And because time-wise, we're hours ahead of the States, maybe we could even be seeing "Homeland" before Americans.  Sweet as. 

So, why are we still almost two years' behind with "Coronation Street"?

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