Sunday, October 7, 2012

Judge Dredd - Karl Urban

I see that the movie "Judge Dredd" starts this week, and that it stars Karl Urban.  Karl is a New Zealander, Wellington-born.  He was in "The Lord of the Rings".  And also, of course, in the recent "Star Trek" re-boot.  He will be in the second "Star Trek" movie, too, to be released later this year .  He plays the young Dr "Bones" McCoy.

When New Zealand had the "King Kong" premier in Wellington, Karl walked down the red carpet.  I was just standing there, with my pen and paper in hand.  I hadn't waved at him or anything because I already had his autograph from another time, but he grabbed my pen and paper, signed his name, gave me a big smile and wandered off.

I do hope he is a great success in Hollywood.  I'm so proud when New Zealanders make it there.  Here's a photo I took of Karl Urban at the "King Kong" premier.

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