Monday, September 15, 2014

Hataitai Beach - Seven swims for September


Today J and I got in our seventh swim at Hataitai Beach for September.  It was quite nice in the sea.  We had stood looking at the water for quite a few minutes deciding whether or not to go in.  The wind was positively howling around  us and the waves were rearing up like in a gale.

Yesterday when we were swimming we were laughingly trying to come up with alphabetical happenings in alphabetical countries (if between us we can remember what we came up with we'll let you read it).  The trouble was that we were having such a hysterically hilarious time thinking up way-out things that we forgot to take note of how long we were in the water.  We were twenty minutes!  In the colder months, twenty minutes is too long.

Twenty minutes felt great at the time but when we were out we were shaking and shivering so much.  I couldn't do up my shoelaces, my fingertips were so numb.

Oh, Thong Man was in the water. He  wears a bathing cap.  For warmth?  He has nothing across his bottom.

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