Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Seal watching in Wellington.

Last Sunday, I decided that enough was enough...  No more literally pussy-footing around.  My plantar fasciitis of the heel, after 22 months, was unofficially Cured!  I was determined to walk along the Red Rocks track to see the seals.

What a marathon.  I'd forgotten that a good half of the track would be seeing me trudge knee-deep (I do exaggerate) in stones, rocks, pebbles.   The other half was sucky sand.  Because of this, the trek was kind of exhausting.  When I returned home, I could hardly drag myself through my front door, I was so tired.  Really, I should never have made My First Big Outing over such rough ground.

I did see some seals.  Afterwards, I was telling my friend, J,  that the sign at the colony said the seals were only there from May to August.

"So, they'll be gone tomorrow," I said.  The next day being the 1st of September.

"How do the seals know to leave by the 1st of September?", asked J.

"They read the sign,"

"Oh, of course," J said.

If you look real closely, you can see seals dotted here and there in the above photo.

In the below picture, you can see, in the distance, the South Island of New Zealand.

Oh, I see I have a few readers from Turkey who have popped in for a look-see.  Now, let's hope I get this right, or my Turkish friend will never forgive me ...  Merhaba Nasilsiniz .....

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