Thursday, March 12, 2015

Auckland visit

Hi there

I was only in Auckland for four days but I rushed around like the Energiser Bunny.  It was very, very (very) warm - 26c to 29c - and I got so hot and bothered.  How come every Aucklander and tourist looked as if they weren't minding the heat one bit?

I wandered down to the Viaduct and ogled all the yachts berthed there for the stopover of the Volvo Round the World Ocean Race.  Goodness, the boats are sooooooo big.

I have decided I truly like Takapuna Beach in Auckland, with it's spectacular views and warm water.   I like getting there too - ferry and then bus that meets the ferry. 

I just walked into the sea at Takapuna without even registering how warm or cold the water was.  Yet, so many Aucklanders were toe-dipping and shivering.  I guess it's to do with my coming from Wellington where the water is colder.

I saw a drone being flown from the beach.  Everybody were taking pictures and clustering around the university guys controlling the drone.  (Sorry, I didn't take my camera with me to the beach)  The guys sent the drone heading off toward Rangitoto Island, then brought it swooping back right into a pack of seagulls.  There was a lot of squawking and I'm sure I saw feathers.  I was almost in tears that they'd injured a bird, but the controller assured me he had only given the seagulls a bit of a fright.  Cruel?

In one direction, from my hotel balcony, I had a great view of the Auckland Skytower.  Because it was Chinese New Year when I was there, the tower was lit up red.

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