Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bathroom catastrophe!

Hi there

9 pm Monday (NZ time)

Oh dear, I am sitting on my sofa, in a dripping wet funk.  A wee bit of that funk is through sweating profusely over some fast action I've just had to do - wish I had six arms - but most of the wet is because of a bathroom flooding!

I ran a bath, plonking in a lot of bubble bath mixture  (apparently you don't get a ring around the tub if you use bubble bath).  Then I went off and watched some tv.   I rang a friend -

"The bath-!!!!!!"

The bathroom floor was a couple of inches deep in water and bubbles!  The level was just above the skirting board.

I threw down a million towels and rang a couple of friends in a complete panic:  "What'll-I-do?-what'll-I-do?"

"Get a mop," shouted John. 

Yes, I'd never thought of that...

Oh, and - guess what? -  I'm off tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn for a couple of days in Auckland.  No-no-no-no....

Looks like I'll be up till midnight washing the million towels.  Oh, and I'm definitely going to stick to the showerbox for a time.

Don't tell me it's old-lady forgetfulness, or a 'senior moment'?  And please don't tell my doctor.   What with me putting that lettuce in the oven a couple of months ago and now this, my doctor will have me committed to Shady Pines Rest Home in no time..

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